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Genetic knowledge is changing the way medicine works

Now, you have the opportunity to become a trusted source for delivering relevant answers to your patient’ questions. There are many people who need to understand their genetic risks and testing options. If you want to help them, come in our team!

Expand your diagnostics

Often, the answer to the most common health problems lies in DNA. Now you have the opportunity to expand your diagnostic competences by including recommendation and interpretation of genetic testing in your expertise, so that your patients can have a better chance to access personalized treatment solutions and manage potential inherited risks according to their unique genetic profile.

Talk to your patient

How can you explain your patients what are the genetic tests for? They have to know that it’s about more than just receiving proven-effective testing services. It’s about a privileged access to the most accurate and up-to-date genetic testing available for their condition.

A genetic test can provide information about their genetic fingerprint, allowing the determination of the genetic vulnerabilities influencing their conditions. In this way, careful genetic profiling may address the unique patient genetic pattern related to inherited risks associated to specific disorders, such as cancer, to the personal manner in which a patient may respond to various administered pharmaceuticals or to be able to discern the necessity to administer or not chemotherapy to certain of your breast cancer patients or even to properly identify potential genetically-driven therapeutic solutions.

Discover the science

When it comes to genetic testing, science is everything. All the tests that we offer you are the result of a rich history of innovation placed in cutting-edge laboratories that gained trust and confidence worldwide.

That is why we thought that the opportunity to browse the studies behind each test on the platform in our digital library may be very helpful for you and your patients. Choose the test that interests you and check the science behind it:

The next leap forward in personalising breast cancer care

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Scientific advancement revolutionizing the risk assessment of hereditary cancer

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In order to disseminate the benefits of genetic testing and present them in an explicit and thorough way to the patients, we brought together a highly specialized team of experts. They are ready to provide the best insight for multiple aspects of this type of screening and to identify genetic disorders that can be treated early in life for those who really need this advanced and ambitious method of preventing specific diseases.

Come to our team to feel and make the difference between good and excellent in practicing medicine!

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