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What is OncoGxOne™ Plus?

OncoGxOne™ Plus is a comprehensive advanced genetic test that profiles tumors for targeted therapy selection and chemotherapeutic tolerance.

Tumor comprehensive genetic profiling is offering a unique opportunity to find out whether the cancer is susceptible to available pharmaceutical targeted therapies.

With OncoGxOne™ Plus, patients and doctors become partners in the journey to faster, smarter and more efficient personalized medical solutions.

Who should take the test?

OncoGxOne™ Plus is recommended for patients with recently diagnosed cancers that need to understand whether they can be candidates for targeted therapies or not, or patients not responding to current therapy in order to adequately schedule the introduction of new therapeutic options within the case management protocol.

With OncoGxOne™ Plus, health care specialists explore whether the patient’s tumor genetic profile may offer the possibility for inclusion currently ongoing clinical trials with investigational targeted therapies.

Moreover, the test helps health care physicians explore specific genetic markers that may indicate whether your patient is a candidate for immunotherapy or not.

What are the Clinical Benefits of the test?

Through patient-centric and easy-to-understand reports, OncoGxOne™ Plus is valuable to clinicians and patients struggling with a cancer diagnosis because it directs the physician to the appropriate targeted treatment, helping delivering personalized care.

Comprehensive coverage. The average depth of coverage exceeds 250x resulting in mutation detection with high specificity and sensitivity. OncoGxOne™ Plus covers 333 genes for current, near-term, and future chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormonal therapy.

Advanced analysis. OncoGxOne™ Plus interrogates all types of genomic aberrations in 333 genes, specifically 325 related to cancer targeted therapy and 8 related to chemotherapy. The test predicts response to chemotherapies and detects four types of mutations, as SNVs (including Point mutations and Indels), CNVs, translocations (including fusions).

User friendly report with specific sections for drugs commonly used in cancer supportive care and chemotherapeutics.

Industry leading clinical interpretation.The report includes recommendations on which targeted therapies are likely to be beneficial and which ones are not. In some cases, in addition to targeted therapy recommendations, the report includes prognosis information related to the mutation/s detected.

Relevant guidelines. OncoGxOne™ Plus identifies potentially actionable cancer-driving mutations and guides oncologists to provide personalized care to their patients, based on their unique and specific needs.

What DNA sample is required to perform the test?

For solid tumor profiling from tissue (OncoGxOne™ Plus), the preferred sample type is Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Slides including Core Needle Biopsies and Fine-Needle Aspirates.

The optimal tissue contains >= 1 mm3tissue e.g., >= 25 mm2surface area x 40 µm depth on 8 to 10 unstained slides. For smaller/impure samples, additional unstained slides might be required. If the tumor has been treated with a targeted therapy, post-therapy sample MUST be submitted when available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Solid Tumor Profiling different than other cancer testing methods?

OncoGxOne™ Plus’s oncology tumor profiling tests sequence multiple genes or specific locations on genes at one time to determine the presence of known cancer-causing mutations, including single nucleotide variants, insertions and deletions, copy number variants, and fusions.

Most other testing modalities are not comprehensive, interrogating for only one gene or protein, and are not able to detect the presence of multiple mutation types.

OncoGxOne™ Plus is one of the most comprehensive clinical tumor profiling Next Generation Sequencing panel available.

What can be learned from Solid Tumor Profiling tests?

OncoGxOne™ Plus can detect the presence of known mutations for patients that have been diagnosed with cancer, specifically solid tumors.

With this knowledge, our specialists can provide recommendations on which targeted therapies are likely to be beneficial and which ones are not. Relevant clinical trial information based on geography will also be provided (five clinical trials/mutation found).

In some cases, in addition to targeted therapy recommendations, prognosis information related to the mutation/s detected is available.

How long does it take to get the test results?

OncoGxOne™ Plus test results will typically be available within 21 business days following receipt of the sample at the lab, subject of adequate available DNA content.

How does the test work?

OncoGxOne™ Plus is a single-panel cancer test panel designed to provide comprehensive genomic analysis for cancer therapy. This test detects all types of genetic alterations (point mutations, small insertions/deletions, gene fusions, copy number variations) in the 333 genes, covering all coding exons and untranslated regions (UTRs), as well as select intronic region known to be involved in gene fusion events.

The OncoGxOne™ Plus test was developed by Admera Health, including determination and validation of performance characteristics. The sensitivity and specificity of this test is greater than 98% and 97%, respectively, when a minimum of 10% tumor tissue is present in the sample.

OncoGxOne™ Plus uses N-of-One’s clinical interpretation services. N-of-One’s expert-powered clinical interpretation solutions combine the insights of oncology experts with proprietary technology and an extensive knowledge-base to provide high-quality, actionable, patient-specific treatment options, supported by the latest clinical evidence and delivered directly to the clinician at the point-of-care.

Up-to-date: OncoGxOne™ Plus panel incorporates the latest scientific and medical advances.

Comprehensive: OncoGxOne™ Plus detects and reports clinically relevant genomic alterations and provide actionable information that physicians can use in a concise and easy-to-use report.

Clear actionable reporting results: The report presents results concerning same tumor type, different tumor type, lack of benefit or resistance, clinical trials to consider, Tumor Mutation Burden and HLA genotyping.

Cost-effective: comprehensive coverage of relevant genetic alterations in a single test.

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