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When it comes to future well-being, any reliable information is priceless. We bring you state-of-the-art solutions in genetic testing for all the matters linked to individualized and flexible care. Our genetic testing partners are well-known for their global expertise and outstanding results and our expert team is ready to advise you on choosing, running, performing tests, and showing you the next steps you need to take.

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The next leap forward in personalising breast cancer care

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Scientific advancement revolutionizing the risk assessment of hereditary cancer

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Every genetic test is a great tool for you to learn more about your health, but only a specialist in this field can properly identify genetic risks, explain suitable genetic testing options, clarify the implications of test results, and help you make thoughtful health care choices. In order to understand the way that genetics can empower well-being, we recommend going through 2 steps:

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Many of us carry genetic markers for specific conditions, syndromes or diseases. Genetic testing for health problems can help you determine your risk for developing certain complications and make informed decisions for your well-being.

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After releasing the test results you will engage with the specialist physician or geneticist from our expert team who can interpret your results, explain the clinical implication for you and your family, answer your questions and help you figure out the available options and possible next steps. And of course, you will receive a copy of your genetic test results from your physician.